From modest beginnings in the infrastructure industry, we have evolved into one of the leading companies in Qatar proudly contributing towards the Nation’s growth in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

  1. The Beginning

    Al Abdulghani Motors was founded in the year 1958 by one of Qatar's pioneering business families. Established by our revered fathers – Abdullah Abdulghani Nasser, Abduljaleel Abdulghani Nasser and Abdulghani Abdulghani Nasser, the company was formed with a commitment towards nation building. 

    The core values and fair work ethics instilled by the visionary founders run deep and is carried through to the present generation and employees.

    AAM has since grown into a strong diversified business group covering the automotive industry and associated businesses.


  2. Partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)

    In 1964, the Toyota dealership was awarded to AAM by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), Japan and this was the turning point in AAM's business.  The strong 50 years of partnership with TMC has been based on shared trust and values.

    The Toyota distributorship began with a fleet of 20 cars and 20 employees.

  3. Annual Sales of 1630 cars

    In 1968, four years into the partnership with Toyota, the caring customer service combined with the innovative cars, resulted into an annual sales of 1,630 units.  

  4. Annual Sales of 6,083 Cars

    In 1982, 6,083 Toyota cars were sold out in the Qatar market, accounting for almost four times as much as the 1968 figure.

  5. Inauguration of the Al Abdulghani Tower

    On 7th December 1997, the Al Abdulghani Tower was inaugurated by H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Minister of  Finance, Economy & Commerce.

    The Al Abdulghani Tower now forms  one of the iconic landmarks in Qatar skyline and is home to the Toyota and Lexus showrooms

  6. Launch of Main Service Center

    An important milestone was achieved when the Main Service workshop was launched at Street 5 of the Salwa Industrial Area. The workshop is equipped with state of the art technology and skilled technicians to meet the requirements of our valued customers.


  7. Launch of AAM Rent-a-Car (RAC)

    To meet the demanding needs of our customers the RAC department was set up with 15 vehicles and limited facilities. Now we have become one of the leasing rental companies in Qatar with around 9,000 vehicles in our fleet and provide short term rental and long term leasing.


  8. Al Abdulghani Mosque

    In the year 2000, the Al Abdulghani Mosque was built within the premises of the Al Abdulghani Tower.  Fully lighted in the evening, it is a sight to behold.

  9. Central Parts Depot

    The Spare Parts Department growth enabled the set -up of a central building to manage the spare parts operations. We currently have reached 94% spare parts availability with our 4 authorized dealers and  21 branches across Qatar.

  10. D-Ring Road QSC – 1st

    The first Quick Service Center (QSC) from our QSC Network. The QSC provides fast work on selected repair jobs by skilled Toyota technicians for accurate diagnosis.

  11. Heavy Equipment Department (HED)

    Initially called as the Heavy Equipment Department (HED), the Commercial Industrial & Automotive Solutions department was the beginning of business diversification of products and services provided by the AAM group.

    AAM has since become a multi-product and multi-brand business unit which provides Sales & After Sales services of Heavy Equipment, Auto Ancillary products, 3M products & services. Construction & Material handling equipment, Warehouse Solution, Security Solution and Electrical Solutions.

  12. Landmark QSC – 2nd

    Established in 2004, the Madinat Khalifa QSC (known as Landmark QSC) is the 2nd Service Center established by AAM.   The 8th largest among the Service Network when it comes to space, Landmark QSC is located at the eastern side of Qatar. 


  13. Visit by Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda to AAM

    This visit marks a significant and momentous occasion for AAM as Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda was the  Honorary Chairman & Member of the Board of TMC

  14. City Center Showroom

    To reach out to more of our customers, our second Toyota showroom was opened at a very strategic location at the City Centre Mall in West Bay.

  15. Abu Hamour - 3rd Quick Service Centre

    Abu Hamour QSC is the 4th Service Center established by AAM in May 2009. It is the 5th largest among the Service Network when it comes to space.  The QSC is the first  to be TSM Kodawari Certified in January 2010.

    In 2016, it received the Express Maintenance Certification.

  16. Al Wakra – 4th Quick Service Centre

    Wakra is located at the southern side of Qatar and about 30 minutes drive from the Main Service Center in Street 5, Industrial Area.

    To reach out to our customers in the area, the 5th Quick Service Center (QSC) was established.  It is the 3rd largest among the Service Network when it comes to space.  Currently, it is one of the QSC's providing Express Maintenance Service.

  17. Al Khor QSC – 5th Quick Service Centre

    Al Khor is one of the oldest cities in Qatar and is North of Doha. 57 km away from Doha, this facility was built to give more accessibility and convenience to our customers for servicing their vehicles.

  18. Golf Course– 6th Quick Service Centre

    The Golf Course Quick Service Centre is the 6th QSC established by AAM.  It is located before the Doha Golf Club along Al Khor Coastal Road in Lusail.

  19. CPD Office inauguration at Main Service

    With the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) announcement to foster closer customer interaction with car dealerships in Qatar, AAM was one of the first automotive companies to support this initiative. A CPD office was set up at our Main Service workshop to enable the CPD officers to directly deal with customers who had queries on CPD laws on automotive issues.

  20. Toyota and Lexus Call Center

    AAM Call Center is a dedicated one stop shop for all customer needs and enquiries for Toyota and Lexus. Through surveys, customer get-togethers, service appointments along with website and Facebook inquiries, we manage to get close to our customers’ hearts and minds. With the latest in-house complaint management system, we have also managed to track and close cases at a low average of 1-day resolution. 
    Toyota 800 1800 | Lexus 800 2929

  21. Wukair PDI Car Yard

    AAM constructed the biggest covered car storage in the Gulf Region introducing the Super Span Shades. This car storage facility can accommodate approximately 6,000+ vehicles.

  22. Launch of Customer FIRST Values

    The family core values in conducting business and as a basis of all actions and decisions was formally launched in the organization. The values are Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Superior Performance and Teamwork

  23. Diamond Award from TMC

    AAM was awarded the prestigious Diamond Award from TMC as a result of achieving the Marketing Award for Excellence - Vehicle (Gold Award) and the Customer Satisfaction Award (Gold Award).

  24. Guinness Book of World Record

    AAM achieved the World Record of the Largest off-road convoy in the world with the participation of the Toyota vehicle owners in Qatar.  Under the theme, ‘1 Nation, 1 Record,’ the Guinness attempt was organized as part of the celebrations for the 50th partnership anniversary with TMC.

    True to its slogan “1 Nation 1 Record”, the event was attended by consumers and non-consumers of various nationalities in Qatar, who were united in achieving the world record.

  25. 50th Anniversary Partnership

    The celebration of 50 glorious years of partnership between TMC and AAM was held at the Museum of Islamic Art. It was well attended by senior government officials and respective leaders from the private sector and other industries. Top executives of TMC came from Japan for the prestigious occasion, led by Mr. Yasumori Ihara, Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of TMC. GCC Toyota dealers also joined the festive occasion.


  26. Al Nayef - 7th Quick Service Centre

    The Al Nayef Quick Service Centre was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Osama Al Abdulghani and representatives from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) - Japan.  The 7th QSC is a testimony to AAM's commitment of providing excellent customer service.  Customers are given more access to our services. 

  27. Leading the Way, Breaking Records

    AAM was awarded the Gold Marketing Award for Excellence, Outstanding Customer Service Award and the coveted Diamond Award from Toyota Motors Corporation (TMC).

    In addition to the above, the Gold Marketing Marketing Award for Excellence was awarded for achieving a remarkable market share in Qatar . The Outstanding Customer Service Award was given in recognition of the tireless and innovative customer service activities for the 2014 performance. 

    The over-all Diamond Award was conferred by TMC in recognition of both Vehicle Sales and level of Customer Service.

  28. Al Aziz – 8th Quick Service Centre

    The Al Aziz Quick Service Centre was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Nasser Al Abdulghani, AAM’s Managing Director & Acting CEO and  Mr. Motoyuki Yanai, General Manager of Bahrain Representative Office (BRO) of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC).

    Al Aziz QSC has ten Working Bays and two Maintenance Bays to accommodate customers’ needs. 


  29. SAP Award

    In 2016, AAM won Gold at the SAP Quality Awards for Middle East and North Africa region in Business Transformation for the successful implementation of SAP ERP and SAP DBM System. We won Bronze at the Europe, Middle East and Africa finals. AAM was marked as one of the world’s fastest deployment of DBM system.

  30. AAM GREEN TEAM Launched Sustainable Practices

    AAM Green Team was created to spearhead the sustainable practices of Reduce, Re-use and Recycle of excess materials by transforming them into aesthetically functional items to be used within the company and the community.  Having a dedicated team to initiate and promote such practices, wastage of excess packaging materials, old tyres, pallets, cartons, plastic bottles and the like is minimized and transformed. 

  31. MOTERI Auto Care Centre Launch

    Moteri Auto Care Centre was launched as a new business adding value to our already successful automotive tradition.  It is dedicated to the delivery of auto care services.  Moteri Auto Care Centre already has two outlets located at the Airport Road and at the Al Nayyef Petrol Station at Al Rayyan Al Jadeed. 

  32. Opening of Airport Road Service Center

    As part of AAM’s commitment to offer the highest level of quality and service to our valued customers, the Airport Road Service Center was inaugurated to meet the Service requirements of  those living in areas such as Matar Qadeem(Old Airport),  Al Hilal,   Al Thumama, Umm Ghuwailina, Al Mansoora, Doha Jadeed, Ras  Abu Aboud,  Najma & Bank Street, C-Ring and D-Ring Roads.

    The new Service Center has 15 fully air-conditioned working bays with 13 lifters and 4 car wash bays.  Necessary tools and equipment are available to perform all types of periodic maintenance, Air conditioning jobs, Suspension works and timing belt replacement.


  33. State-of- the-Art Lexus Showroom Inauguration

    A state-of-the art facility with a total area of 28,000 square meters, the Lexus showroom provides a sophisticated, tranquil environment where customers can feel at ease and privileged in owning a Lexus.

    The showroom can display a total of 34 vehicles.  The concept built around transforming function into emotion, performance into passion and technology into imagination can be seen. The showroom is inspired by the best modern applications of traditional Japanese culture combined with an amazing experiential Salon.

  34. First Express Service Center in Shahaniya Opens

    The First Express Service Center was inaugurated in Shahaniya.  It is located in Woqod Petrol Station, Shahaniya Dukhan, Road. 

    Aside from maintenance services, highlighted among the services in the Center is the Express Lube Plus Service which is a new concept from AAM. 


We are a progressive diversified and sustainable business group in the region driven by a commitment to customer excellence based on our core values. We are committed to provide an outstanding experience in the Automotive and Associated Businesses to all our customers through superior value products and services. Our extensive portfolio of products and services in partnership with some of the world’s leading brands allows us to bring in the latest technology and superior options for our customers.


Throughout our evolution, our Core Values remain unchanged as they form the foundation of our culture and acts as a compass for our actions.

HUMILITY We welcome feedback as a gift towards improvement.
We continuously reflect on our own actions and seek new ways to improve.
RESPECT We engage with people from all cultures and backgrounds and appreciate their involvements in our quest.
We create a welcoming environment where everyone can contribute their best towards achieving meaningful goals.
INTEGRITY We follow each process with sincerity and commitment.
We uphold ethical principles at all times and always consider how our work and conduct impacts those around us.
STRIVING FOR BETTERMENT We never stop the quest for continuous improvement.
We act with speed and a high sense of urgency, never accepting the status quo.
TEAMWORK We build strong Teams through combining different perspectives together.
We involve all stakeholders and believe that no work is a one person endeavor.
OWNERSHIP We take ownership for our roles by sharpening our skills everyday.
We take responsibility for our actions and words.
PERSEVERANCE We strive to achieve our goals, regardless of size, through an agile and persistent mindset.
We see countermeasures that tackle root causes through.

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