Community Initiatives

  • People matter.

    Our commitment begins by instilling AAB’s core values within our organization and encouraging our people to participate in our activities. We develop a capable and motivated workforce through nurturing sincere relationships and promoting Work Life Balance in our workplace and society.

    We contribute to a healthy population both physically and mentally by supporting community sports as we recognize the importance and positive impact of sports in the holistic development of an individual and community.

    We believe in empowering the youth through specialized training in line with our core business.

  • Achieving a knowledgeable society

    We strive to maintain being a responsible corporate citizen by forging strong ties through strategic partnerships with different communities in Qatar.

    With the aim of achieving a knowledgeable society, we have positioned ourselves to take the role of advocates of responsible driving and safety through educational sessions and training.

  • Caring for the environment

    Caring for the environment begins with every individual playing their part. At AAB, we begin our internal sustainable practices with our volunteer workforce and contributing to the community.

    We are committed to support endeavors that encourage preservation and protection of a green environment, create a green landscape in Qatar, encourage sustainable practices and promote a love for Mother Nature.