COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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We are going through unprecedented times.

During this period, the safety and good health of our customers and employees take our highest priority.

AAB is adhering closely to the implementation of the latest regulations and guidelines on COVID19 (Coronavirus) and we are operating our services in compliance to that. You may check out our opening hours by clicking on the location on the map

We have taken many precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety when you visit any of our locations. You may view some of our protocols from the following videos:

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Service Centre


Please scroll down for some FAQs asked by customers during this period.

For further enquiries, you may call our Contact Centre. It is in operation from 6:00 am - 12:00 am Saturday to Thursday.
Toyota: 800 1800 | Lexus: 800 2929

For any enquiries on COVID19, please call the Ministry of Public Health at 16000 or learn more on their website MOPH.GOV.QA

We are in this Together & We will Rise out of this Together. Please Stay Safe!

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SERVICE CENTRES FAQs during Covid19 Pandemic

Our Main Service Centre (MW & BP) at Street 6 is now open from 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (Saturday to Thursday) while our Quick Service Centres (QSCs) and Express Service Centres (ESCs) are open from (6am-12mn) from Saturday to Thursday. However, as we are operating with a minimal essential workforce, we seek your understanding and patience. Rest assured that safe physical distancing practices are in place at all Authorised AAB Service Centers during your visit. Please visit our AAB website to know the Service Centre’s working hours.

All our service centre facilities are complying with the health and social distancing protocols. We frequently sanitize the commonly touched surfaces every hour and we are also providing sanitizers for your safety and convenience.

Once you pay us a visit, you will undergo a Government regulated mandatory thermal scanning and you will be asked to show your EHTERAZ health status. Only GREEN status will be allowed entrance. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We can ensure your peace of mind by sanitizing your vehicle once you arrive at our Authorized Service Centres. Our Team will take care of your vehicle during the servicing and they are following the health protocols mandated by the Government and our own internal protocols. We can provide your car the optimum care.

Please call our Contact Centre: Toyota 800 1800 or Lexus 800 2929 for assistance.

We are providing all types of essential repairs and Periodic Maintenance. As such, please call our Contact Centre: Toyota 800 1800 or Lexus 800 2929 for assistance.

If a red warning light is shown on the dashboard, please call our Contact Centre: Toyota 800 1800 (Toyota) or Lexus 800 2929 (Lexus) for assistance.

To ensure that your vehicle continues operating in optimal condition, we recommend the following:

  • 1. Maintain the battery health of your vehicle — especially when it’s parked for long periods of time — by running the engine for at least 15 minutes every 2 weeks in order to warm up its engine and fluids periodically.
  • 2. Maintaining Tyres & Brakes in good condition to enhance road safety. Fill your tyre to the recommended pressure stated on the label found on your Owner’s Manual. Additionally, drive your vehicle for at least 15 minutes every 2 weeks. It is essential to drive the vehicle after being washed to let the brake components completely dry off to prevent rusting.
  • 3. Switching on your vehicle’s air conditioning system while driving can help promote circulation of the refrigerant oil within. Do this for approximately 10 minutes every month to ensure that your vehicle remains in tip-top shape all year round.
  • 4. Clean the vehicle regularly or cover the vehicle. This is to prevent bird droppings on the vehicle which may cause damage on the paint surface